About Us

As the world became increasingly virtual and education developed an online presence, we kept asking, “How can we keep the idea of authentic, proven teaching practices alive while fostering a healthy, growing interest in learning and keeping up with modern-day advances?”

We know that teachers are one of the major influences who help shape each of our futures. We felt that we had to do everything possible to preserve that connection all children feel with the teachers in their lives-- even as technology swooped into the educational realm.  Our idea came to maturation by bringing together some of the brightest minds in education, information technology, and animation to create more than just a package or curriculum.  

What was created was a fully interactive program packed with fun, encouraging games and characters, all carefully guided by real, passionate teachers.  

At Qkids, not only is our goal to bring you the highest quality educational experience available on the internet, we are also driven by ensuring you see progress.

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Qkids Phonics is a subsidiary of Qkids English, a multinational company that is responsible for over 800,000 elementary students developing confidence in their language development. From across the globe, we bring you an infrastructure of achievement. Internationally, we feature 15,000 teachers working with our software in real-time classes for guaranteed results. In just over five years, Qkids has become a household name around the world. It is with great pride that we introduce Qkids Phonics, a company that focuses on teaching reading to our North American family while utilizing the structural support and tactics of our international experience.

It is proven that when a child has exposure to language and begins reading and writing early, fluency and language development occur easily and naturally. Regardless of your child’s strengths or weaknesses, our program promises quick success with specialized teachers to suit any of your child’s needs. 

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We’re here to help take the difficulty and stress out of learning. Reclaim your time as a parent, and let us focus on making sure your child’s experience exceeds expectations.  

Come join thousands who are already enjoying the Qkids family -- We can’t wait to see you in class!