All you need to do to start earning Koby Kash today is fill out this application form and start sharing your Koby Kash affiliate link on your personal blogs, websites, and social media. Every time someone buys a Qkids Phonics package through your affiliate link, you get paid!

How much do I get?

You'll receive compensation based on a tier structure:

  • Koby Kash Friend: 10% for 1-10 referrals
  • Koby Kash Best Friend: 15% for 11-30 referrals
  • Koby Kash Best Friend for Life: 20% for 31-50 referrals
  • Koby Kash Beyond Best Friends: 25% for 51+ referrals

When do I get paid?

We aim for payments once a month, but this is variable depending on our events or goals. 

When do I get paid?

You can apply your Koby Kash to Qkids Phonics classes!

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