Welcome to our Downloads page! 

We're excited to have you begin class! You're going to need our student app -- Please click the button below that best corresponds to the platform you will be using: 

Our software is hand-designed from the bottom up to include all the best facets of education! From inspiring stories to thrilling, captivating animations, your child will have lots of fun learning and developing language with the Qkids team.

Download Our Parent App

In conjunction with our student app, your parent app is your personal gateway to handle modifications, live-technical support, classroom troubleshooting, and much more! It's a phone-based app, allowing for maximum comfort while you track your child's progress and schedule. 

You can find our parent app on the Google Play store and iOS store. Simply search "Qkids Parents" and you'll find us! If you can't, no worries -- Let us know over Facebook and we'll help you out. 

For immediate assistance and technical support, click the headset icon in the top left of your parent app. Make sure you are on the 'home' screen, and you will be redirected to your own personal support chat. It looks a little like this:

Having an issue downloading?
No problem,
we're here to help. Reach out to our live support team over Facebook Messenger, or send an email to Please include your platform (Windows, Mac, etc.) and a screenshot of your issue. We'll respond as soon as we can!