FAQ's for Qkids Phonics

How does this work?

Qkids Phonics is a supplemental program to help enrich your child's reading and phonetical education. We work with talented, certified teachers to book live classes with your students.

Our software connects real-time to host students and teachers in a classroom filled with animated content, reading material, engaging activities, and practice.

Each class is 30 minutes, allowing your teacher ample time to build rapport, guide your child, and wrap up a fun class of learning.  

What time slots are available for my child?


Our lesson times after Nov 1, 2 AM EST (Daylight Savings). (Starting Nov.1)

The time-slots below are for scheduled classes. Free class trials have a limited schedule, sorry in advance! 

AM Slots:

1)   8:50 -   9:20 AM EST
2)   9:30 - 10:00 AM EST
3) 10:10 - 10:40 AM EST
4) 10:50 - 11:20 AM EST
5) 11:30 - 12:00 PM 
6) 12:10 - 12:40 PM EST*

PM EST PM Slots:

1)   5:30 - 6:00 PM EST
2)   6:10 - 6:40 PM EST
3)   6:50 - 7:20 PM EST
4.) 7:30 - 8:00 PM EST

Please write down the new time slots for Daylight Savings effective November 1, 2020 at 2AM.

We will always try to meet your preferred schedule preference; however, we ask that you select 2 - 3 time slots that work for you for highest the quality scheduling. 

Tell me more about your teachers -- Are they certified, do they have a background check?

Teachers of Qkids Phonics undergo an extensive background check prior to admission to our program. In addition, our teachers are certified teachers or retired teachers. Finally, our built-in, custom training assures our teachers are rehearsed, practiced, and experienced for any situation in our classrooms. 

When was Qkids Phonics created?

Qkids Phonics has a wealth of experience with over 5 years of international success. We're bringing our renowned program to the United States to help your child learn English, develop language skills, and boost their classroom confidence. 

This means our over 100,000 satisfied students, thousands of completed classes, and thousands of exceptional teachers are just a click away to maximize your child's language development success! 

Can I select my own teacher?

At this time, although we strive to meet expectations, we currently do not offer this feature. Sorry in advance! 

How many classes can I book a week?

Classes are bundled two to three times a week. This style of scheduling allows for maximum student-teacher interaction, and allows our teachers to develop an understanding for each child's specific needs and talents. 

What's the cost per class?

Our classes average 15$ per class; however, our bundled packages can bring this price as low at 10$ a class, a savings of over 33%! 

Can I change my child's curriculum level if it is too easy or too hard?

Of course! We work closely with our teachers to monitor students' progress and assign the best class possible; however, a parent is free to inquire about a class change at any time if they feel the curriculum is too simple, or too difficult, for their child.

Life is busy -- What happens if I miss a class or am absent (make-up and rescheduling policy)?

We fully understand that life is busy and scheduling changes happen. We're happy to work with you to identify the best schedule for you and your child.

Please inform us at least ONE (1) hour before your class time for cancellations, and no lesson credit will be deducted according to your quota*.

We will reschedule a new class for you to make up the same lesson.

The quota of class rescheduling is subject to your subscription. You are allowed (1) rescheduling option per (8) credits. Rescheduling after that is allowed for a deduction of 1 lesson credit per rescheduled lesson. For those purchasing the 4 pack, it is accumulative -- for every two 4 packs purchased, you will receive 1 rescheduling option.

Class cancellations received less than 1 hour before class time will result in a deduction of 1 lesson credit. You may reschedule the class for an additional credit deduction.

An absence or cancellation made after the class has started will lead to 1 lesson credit deduction. You may reschedule the class for an additional credit deduction.

Being late to class will lead to 1 lesson credit reduction. If you would like to repeat the lesson in its entirety, you may schedule a make-up class for an additional credit deduction.

Rescheduling outside these terms may result in a deduction of 1 lesson credit per rescheduled lesson. - Please inform us at least ONE hour before your class time if you need to cancel.

In the case of an emergency, if you notify us within one hour before the class begins, we will reschedule the class. No lesson credit will be deducted no matter what class package you have purchased. This emergency rescheduling is good only once per level,

-If you need to purchase single classes to meet your class requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to assist! 

Do I need a credit card for the two free class offer?

Absolutely not! We think that working with children requires trust and results. We're so confident in our product that we offer two free classes, risk-free, as a way of giving parents a chance to join our community. All you will need is an email, a nickname for your child, and a schedule, and we'll get you sorted out!

Will my child be working with the same teacher and classmates?

We think students learn best when they are with a teacher who knows them and their needs. That is why we strive to have a reoccurring teacher, as well as classmates, in each class.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible; however, we guarantee that regardless of classroom or teacher your child will feel comfortable, happy, and excited to learn!

Are there any miscellaneous fees (i.e cancellation fees, etc.)?

No fees! At Qkids Phonics we try to be as transparent as possible. No fees, no hidden costs -- What you pay for in the package is the price you'll pay, period.

Is there a minimum student requirement for the class?

Although we try our best to accommodate every student's preferred schedule, we do require three (3) or more students to be enrolled in a class for one (1) to four (4) packages, and four (4) or more students to be enrolled for one (1) to six (6) packages. 

Occasionally we may delay or reschedule classes per this requirement. If this happens we will reach out and try to our best to fit your preferences.


What is your refund policy?

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with Qkids Phonics by the completion of your fifth class, we offer a full refund-- no questions asked. 

Any classes gifted as part of a BOGO are non-refundable. Some classes purchased as part of sales are not eligible for refund, sorry in advance!   

Did we miss something? Feel free to contact us at Qkidsphonics@qkids.com with your questions and we would be happy to answer.