What's Next? - After Your Free Classes

Congratulations! You have finished your two free classes!

Your children have just created their prologue with Qkids, and our teachers are reaching out and asking about your child and their future schedule -- Let's keep your momentum and begin the first chapters of your story with Qkids Phonics! 

 Here are some of our most popular packages:


Interested in seeing more? Check out our full catalog for all products and deals!


All scheduling is currently handled through our Facebook Team, or via Email (Qkidsphonics@qkids.com). Send a message, let us know you purchased a package, and we'll be more than happy to get you started. 

To make the experience as streamlined as possible for you, please include the following:

  • The package purchased
  • Your desired class times
  • Your child's favorite teacher (We promise it will make your teacher smile!)

Download Our Parent App

In conjunction with our student app, your parent app is your personal gateway to handle modifications, live-technical support, classroom troubleshooting, and much more! It's a phone-based app, allowing for maximum comfort while you track your child's progress and schedule. 

You can find our parent app on the Google Play store and iOS store. Simply search "Qkids Parents" and you'll find us! If you can't, no worries -- Let us know over Facebook and we'll help you out. 

For immediate assistance and technical support, click the headset icon in the top left of your parent app. Make sure you are on the 'home' screen, and you will be redirected to your own personal support chat. It looks a little like this:

Welcome to the Qkids Phonics Family!

You did it! We are so excited to see you in our future classes. Qkids Phonics is always growing and aiming to improve, and we welcome all feedback. 

We love learning about your experiences, and we would love if you could write a review about your experiences with our Qkids Phonics program. 

Questions, comments, concerns? We aim to make it right. Email us at Qkidsphonics@qkids.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.