Pre-K Math Lessons (10)

Pre-K Math Lessons (10)

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Qkids Phonics offers this package of 10 Math Lessons for students 4-6 years old to learn basic math concepts and become increasingly aware of math in the world around them.

  • Students will learn 
    1. Numbers 13-100
    2. Calendar Months and Dates
    3. Counting by 5s and 10s
    4. Identify Thousands
    5. Birthday Dates
    6. Comparing and Contrasting Words


  • Small, specialized class sizes (up to 4 students)
  • An immersive experience- fully-interactive platform with peer learning
  • A live, credentialed teacher
  • 30 minutes of engaging, fun, and educational material

Our classes, guided by live accredited teachers, encourage and nurture early learners to grow their emerging math skills while allowing them to experience a research-based, engaging classroom curriculum designed with their needs in mind.  Get ahead of the curve and help develop your child's academic path today with Qkids North America!